The industries we operate in

Our clients operate in various industries. Below you can read some examples of our client assignments and what we have contributed with.

Metier is Skanska's partner when it comes to training programmes within project governance, project management, engineering management and production management. Together, an effective learning process with tailor-made, relevant professional content has been created.

FREYR is planning to develop up to 43 GWh of battery cell production capacity by 2025 to position them as one of Europe’s largest battery cell suppliers. ​

Metier's expertise in organisational development and management has been a key contribution to FREYR's journey towards an IPO. Further cooperation is now being carried out in project implementation – both in the construction phase related to the battery cell factories in Mo i Rana, and in the further development of the organisation.

Metier assist Bane NOR for establishing a project governance framework. We have also implemented a portfolio and project management system.

The project portal myProjects makes Bane NOR's project models and best practices easily accessible to the entire company. The solution facilitates an efficient project start-up and standardised execution of projects in Bane NOR.

Metier assists Norcem with project management teams and works closely with the management in what will be the world's first cement factory with full-scale carbon capture, transport, and storage. The initiative is part of the vision of zero emissions of CO2 from concrete products by 2030. This single plant will save Norway 400,000 tonnes of CO2 annually – almost 1% of the country's total emissions.

“Hausmanns hus” (Housemann’s house) is a rehabilitation project that has taken the environmental perspective seriously. The builder Hathon has ambitions to reach the BREEAM excellent classification and has started the process of being classified as SMART buildings. The project has taken infection prevention and control into account in its design and is possibly the first private building with built-in infection prevention and control in Norway.

Atea has invested in competence enhancement in the project management profession. In collaboration with Metier, they have developed the education programme – Atea Presisjon (Precision). The programme ensures that their employees, from the top management to project employees, are certified and have the necessary competence. They have also been assisted to implement a project management framework.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration project, Autosys vehicles, is one of the largest digital success stories in public administration in Norway. The project was based on best practice frameworks and agile principles and values and has been crucial for a social benefit of more than six billion NOK. Metier has contributed to its success by having key management roles with expertise in large-scale agile, culture, and governance.

As part of their improvement program Sirius, Mantena has adopted myProjects as their project portal. The portal is the place to get an overview of all ongoing projects (customer projects and internal projects), ensuring actual use of our project methodology and best practices. It facilitates a uniform way of executing and following up projects and ensures standardised status reporting.

The myProjects project portal ensures the implementation and digitalisation of the company's project models and work processes on a new platform (O365). Through this, our project members get easy access to best practices and help to carry out their project tasks efficiently, every time.

We have collaborated with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency on a comprehensive education course in project management called the PRINSIX education programme. The programme is for all employees in the defence sector, and highlights internationally recognised project methodology, as well as defence-specific project practice based on the PRINSIX framework.

Hydro’s project intensive organisation aims to improve their project delivery.​

A mutual project management resource agreement has been signed to exchange project personnel on complex green projects.​

Together with Hydro, we have also established a global project management training programme. The training program is a tool to give 35,000 employees, spread over 150 locations in 40 different countries, a unified approach to project execution. The program is adapted to Hydro’s needs.

Metier collaborates with Myloc Construction, a supplier of software for digitised construction logistics. Experience from Sweden shows that using the system contributes to productivity growth of as much as 20%, and we are already well underway with implementing the system in construction projects such as the new National Hospital.

We have contributed to the introduction of BIM in operation and maintenance at Oslo University Hospital Real Estate to achieve OUS's ambition of digitising property management.

We have provided training at Thommessen in an improvement programme called the Thommessen Project. Since 2014, they have trained all their employees in the subject, and through this initiative, they have set the standard for project management in their industry.

Together with NTE, we offer a project management education programme to all NTE employees. It helps to ensure that projects are carried out according to NTE best practices and that everyone involved has sufficient knowledge and a common understanding of the subject.

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