Get full overview of the status of your projects

myProjects makes the company's project methodology and best practices easily accessible, ensuring efficient project startup and standardized execution of projects and deliveries.



Consolidation of management information; a single truth - one place that is easy to use for all stakeholders.


Effective collaboration and information management within and across projects.



Efficient and standardized status reporting in accordance with best practices.

Common methodology

Ensures standardized project execution and actual use of the company's project methodology.



Supports project owner management with full traceability in the decision-making process.

Experience transfer

Basis for experience transfer between phases and projects.

users from different businesses

ongoing projects

years of experience with project systems

Challenges with projects in many businesses

  • Suffering from projects being started and carried out in different ways
  • Desired practice is well hidden in a quality system that few or none use
  • "Wrong" projects are initiated because there is not enough overview of the entire portfolio
  • A lot of time is spent finding the right information, templates, checklists and decision-making basis
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Status reporting is done manually and takes a lot of time
  • Lack of experience transfer

Do you recognize yourself? In that case, myProjects may be relevant for your business.

Some of our satisfied customers


The implementation of myProjects has been a key resource in improving project management and governance in the Norwegian Armed Forces. The solution ensures actual use of the Norwegian Armed Forces' project methodology in all projects, including effective interaction and reporting.

The myProjects project portal ensures the implementation and digitalisation of the company's project models and work processes on a new platform (O365). Through this, our project members get easy access to best practices and help to carry out their project tasks efficiently, every time.

Metier assist Bane NOR for establishing a project governance framework. We have also implemented a portfolio and project management system.

The project portal myProjects makes Bane NOR's project models and best practices easily accessible to the entire company. The solution facilitates an efficient project start-up and standardised execution of projects in Bane NOR.

As part of their improvement program Sirius, Mantena has adopted myProjects as their project portal. The portal is the place to get an overview of all ongoing projects (customer projects and internal projects), ensuring actual use of our project methodology and best practices. It facilitates a uniform way of executing and following up projects and ensures standardised status reporting.

Benefits for different roles

Project manager

myProjects is the project's cockpit and the project manager's most important support system in project implementation. The project room is based on the company's best practice with easy access to templates, checklists, examples, and other content that is often well hidden in the quality system. myProjects ensures full overview of the status of the project and contains automatic generation of monthly reports. The collaboration possibilities in myProjects make it easy to work together and create a common space for all those involved in the project!

Project owner

Proper information at the right time is a prerequisite for a well-functioning decision-making process for project businesses. Those who take a long time or make the wrong decision get, as we know, bad projects. In myProjects, the ownership model with accompanying requirements is implemented in the same solution as the projects are carried out. This ensures predictability between the project owner and project manager and easy access to decision-making basis at the right time. The decision-making basis is automatically stored in myProjects to ensure full traceability and transparency.

Project management office (PMO)

myProjects is an effective tool for ensuring the implementation of the customer's project methodology and best practice in the business. This creates a common project culture and provides the PMO with a platform for experience transfer and continuous improvement. Automatic creation of project rooms based on the chosen project model ensures easy access to templates and checklists and proper use of what the PMO has in its toolkit.

Project participant

myProjects ensures a common workspace for all project participants with easy access to current information and documents in the project. In the project room, there is easy access to what each role/project participant needs to perform their tasks based on the company's best practice and project methodology. This ensures efficiency and more time for the real challenges in the project.

3 reasons to choose myProjects

1. Overview and predictability in all projects

Get a common portal for managing and following up on your projects. myProjects ensures easy access to necessary information for all those involved in the business. Coordination and collaboration between management, project owners, and those who manage and carry out the projects are taken care of in a common workspace. myProjects ensures one truth in one place, with the right management information for the entire project portfolio.

2. Proper use of best practice

myProjects makes it easy to follow the company's best practice for project implementation. In addition, it creates a common culture for project work and a platform for experience transfer and continuous improvement.

3. Effective implementation and quick return

myProjects is a cloud solution that is seamlessly integrated with Office applications and is based on SharePoint's functionality for collaboration and document management. With myProjects, the implementation time is short, and the company achieves a quick return.

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