Project competence is crucial to success

Is value creation in your company achieved through projects? In that case, efficient project implementation and the ability to realize the benefits are crucial for achieving the company's strategic objectives.

What are the characteristics of those who succeed?

In a market where the rate of change, competition and complexity of the projects are increasing, it is more important than ever to succeed with the projects - but also correspondingly difficult.

There is no simple recipe, but in the course of more than 30 years as a partner to businesses that make a living from projects, we know that those who succeed with their projects have many common features:

  • They build competence in the project subject at all levels in the business
  • Offers job support to reinforce the learning effect after completion of training
  • Has active and dedicated project owners
  • Has standardized methods and tools that support the projects
  • Focuses on continuous improvement

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What can we do for your business?

We specialize in developing the right competence at all levels in the organization through custom, in-house training programs in project, program, and portfolio management. Customized project training provides a common language, tools, and methods for working more efficiently and in a uniform manner.

Our training programs support the customer's strategy and business objectives. We do not see the training as an end, but as a means of achieving the desired improvement. Together with the customer, we develop training programs adapted to their specific needs and challenges, based on best practice and international standards in the field.

Metier is Skanska's partner when it comes to training programmes within project governance, project management, engineering management and production management. Together, an effective learning process with tailor-made, relevant professional content has been created.

Atea has invested in competence enhancement in the project management profession. In collaboration with Metier, they have developed the education programme – Atea Presisjon (Precision). The programme ensures that their employees, from the top management to project employees, are certified and have the necessary competence. They have also been assisted to implement a project management framework.

Together with NTE, we offer a project management education programme to all NTE employees. It helps to ensure that projects are carried out according to NTE best practices and that everyone involved has sufficient knowledge and a common understanding of the subject.

We have collaborated with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency on a comprehensive education course in project management called the PRINSIX education programme. The programme is for all employees in the defence sector, and highlights internationally recognised project methodology, as well as defence-specific project practice based on the PRINSIX framework.

Hydro’s project intensive organisation aims to improve their project delivery.​

A mutual project management resource agreement has been signed to exchange project personnel on complex green projects.​

Together with Hydro, we have also established a global project management training programme. The training program is a tool to give 35,000 employees, spread over 150 locations in 40 different countries, a unified approach to project execution. The program is adapted to Hydro’s needs.

We have provided training at Thommessen in an improvement programme called the Thommessen Project. Since 2014, they have trained all their employees in the subject, and through this initiative, they have set the standard for project management in their industry.

This is what you can expect from a collaboration with us

  • We familiarize ourselves well with your project culture and specific challenges.
  • We formulate concrete goals so that the effect of the training can be measured.
  • We combine best practice with international frameworks and standards.
  • We start from our portfolio of learning modules and adapt the content as needed.
  • Flexible training program where e-learning is combined with assemblies.
  • We offer a job support tool to enhance the learning effect of our training programs.

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